SABA takes academic delegation to West African Energy Summit

As the global energy landscape undergoes a transformative shift, developing regions such as West Africa offer substantial opportunity to international markets. With the forthcoming ‘West Africa Energy Summit’, organised by OGV Group, set to take place this September in Ghana, the spotlight is once again on the region’s immense potential and the fantastic opportunities that it presents for businesses, particularly those hailing from Scotland.

The Scottish Africa Business Association (SABA) is delighted to be partnering with OGV Group at this event and will be highlighting how Scotland, renowned for its expertise in oil, gas and renewable energy, is primed to play a pivotal role in West Africa’s energy development, as well as showcasing the potential for partnerships in education, local content and skills training.

SABA is excited to be taking a delegation of Scottish Universities and Colleges to Ghana and hosting sessions on ‘Education and skills training’ as well as a series of targeted, country specific round table discussions focussing on opportunities for trade, investment and partnerships within the supply chain and for skills training. SABA will also be hosting an extended trade mission in Ghana immediately after the event including site visits and private meetings.

Scotland and Africa have a long history of educational partnership, with over 250,000 African students being educated at a Scottish university over the last 10 years and a very high proportion of which have gone on to work within the energy sector and are now in senior management positions within the industry.

Therefore there is still a considerable appetite for further collaboration in educational training programs tailored to the specific needs of the regions energy sector and this will be the overarching focus of SABA’s involvement. Scotland’s renowned educational institutions and training facilities will be encouraged to share best practice, curriculum development expertise and technical know-how with their counterparts in West Africa. By providing access to quality education and hands-on training in areas such as engineering, technology, science and project management, this collaboration can empower the local talent of the future and cultivate a new generation of skilled professionals equipped to meet the evolving demands of the sector.

Scotland and West Africa have both been endowed with substantial energy resources and are uniquely positioned to collaborate in addressing this pressing educational issue. By fostering strategic partnerships and knowledge exchange initiatives, these regions can leverage their respective strengths to bridge the skills gap and cultivate a skilled workforce capable of driving the energy sector forward and providing long term sustainable prosperity to the region.

SABA feels that the ‘West African Energy Summit’ offers a fantastic platform to engage in meaningful dialogue on key industry trends, challenges and opportunities and are very much looking forward to playing their part in shaping the future of energy within the region.

Please contact SABA on for further information on the event, trade mission, discounted tickets for our members and networks and sponsorship/exhibiting opportunities.

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