Driving Capital & Partnerships in the West African Energy Sector

West Africa is a region abundant of natural resources and energy potential. A new wave of leadership has bought forward a new narrative of economic transformation and energy security that will achieve energy sovereignty via the development of regional oil, gas, and natural resources. Collectively we will drive and develop dialogue to secure a narrative of opportunity, collaboration, localization, and a shared commitment in harnessing the region’s natural wealth for the benefit of its people.

Whilst the world grapples with the international energy transition, West Africa steadily strides towards energy independence with Africa and the international partners standing together as the beacons of progress. Strong and progressive policy is leading to highly competitive markets driving a harmonious and integrated oil, gas, and renewable energy mix. At the forefront of this journey is the regional commitment to develop international partnerships that will drive the economic development, shared growth and wealth creation for the region and its people.

The West African Energy Summit serves as the nexus, where energy project owners converge to raise capital for game changing projects and operators engage in transformative upstream deals from ‘farm-in’z opportunities to obtaining new licenses. Stand with us today and play your role in accelerating the socio-economic development Africa through the infusion of international partnerships and global capital.

In this dynamic energy landscape, the balance and integration of oil, gas, and renewable energy takes center stage—a testament to Africa’s commitment to responsible resource management. West Africa, with its abundant natural resources, envisions a future where energy independence is achieved at its pace and with responsible carbon management. Africa will pursue its full natural resource potential and we stand together to harness this objective in partnership with global investors.

We welcome you to the West African Energy Summit, a platform focused on deal-making in the oil, gas, and energy sector. We welcome our West African (ECOWAS) government partners to showcase a vibrant and forward-thinking region full of opportunity. Join now to develop your project pipelines, gain technical upstream insights around open acreage in the oil and gas sector and expedite your business goals in West Africa.

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Driving Capital & Partnerships in the West African Energy Sector
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