New Ventures Forum

West Africa New ventures Forum – Hosted by NVentures Ltd

West Africa New Ventures Forum The West African Energy Summit 2024

The West Africa New Ventures Forum serves as the industry’s leading platform for the Oil and Gas sector to originate and engage in farm in opportunities across West Africa. Specifically, Oil and Gas companies seeking Farm in partners will have the opportunity to meet 8 of the most compelling farm in opportunities to short cut their portfolio expansion strategy. In attendance to the Forum will be Majors, Independents and Africa focused operators who are attending the summit to broker new deals.

The forum is specifically tailored to provide a focused and efficient setting for connecting asset-holding companies with potential partners interested in collaborating on offshore opportunities.


Forum Format:

Comprising eight 20-minute conference sessions, this groundbreaking Forum will deliver targeted technical insights into Farm in opportunities across offshore West Africa. During each session, attendees gain access to a comprehensive overview of the assets including both commercial perspectives and key geological insights that define the potential prospectivity of the assets.


Technical Insights:

Attendees will be presented in-depth technical analyses of the Farm in opportunity being discussed, this will provide a nuanced understanding of the assets’ technical complexities and potential.


Geological and Technical Overview:

Key geological data is presented to attendees, highlighting the geological characteristics and potential prospects of the assets. The asset owner/operator will also host private 1-2-1 meetings surrounding the potential partnership opportunity.


Commercial Perspectives:

The forum offers valuable commercial insights into the assets, including considerations such as investment potential, profitability projections, and risk assessments.

Target Audience

The forum is designed for:

Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Directors of Exploration, Production, and New Ventures from Oil and Gas companies actively seeking Farm in opportunities. This targeted audience ensures that attendees possess the requisite decision-making authority and strategic vision to explore potential partnerships.


Facilitate Partnerships: The primary objective of the forum is to match companies with an appetite, technical expertise and finance to asset owners looking to farm out. As an event the West Africa Energy Forum will facilitate partnerships between asset-holding operators and interested parties seeking Farm in opportunities.

Provide Comprehensive Insights: By delivering technical, commercial, and geological insights, the forum aims to equip attendees with a holistic understanding of the Farm in opportunities presented to enable them to make risk adjusted investment decisions on potential new ventures.

Drive Investment and Growth: By showcasing compelling Farm in opportunities, the forum seeks to attract investment for asset owners looking for finance to develop assets.

Foster Networking: The forum serves as a networking hub, enabling industry professionals to forge connections, share insights regarding upstream exploration and partnership.

For more information surrounding the Forum please contact:

Mr. Peter Elliott – Chief Executive Officer, NVentures

Mr. Dan Hyland – Chief Operating Officer, OGV Group

Chairman of the Program